What We Do

 Multi-Family Investment Opportunity 

During the duration of a typical acquisition, our investors will receive throughout the hold time:

–6-8% preferred return

–70-80% of any remaining cash flow

–Initial capital balance returned (upon sale of property)

–70% of sales proceeds (post mortgage balance payoff & sales expenses)

–Projected Overall Returns: 12-15%+ Average Annual Returns

We offer our partners the opportunity to invest $50,000+ into multifamily assets that typically return 12% or more annually.


Investment highlights

Acquisition Strategy

We buy underperforming small to mid sized owner operated multifamily (aka “mom and pop”) apartments that demonstrate strong cash flow but are suffering from poor property management and/or deferred maintenance. With our focus on B & C class properties containing 80-200 units, it minimizes our competition from individual and institutional investors .

Management Team

We will control the asset management portion of each property, while aligning with experienced investors. Multifamily Value Partners will oversee the property management team that we employ and together complete the business plan for each property in a timely manner.

Strong Industry Fundamentals

Economic restraint and tightening lending processes are making it difficult for people to acquire home loans. Despite circumstances, the biggest advantage comes from the favorable age demographics of young likely renters. The Millennials have created a wave of renters that is unparalleled since their parents back in the ‘60s. Research show that 58%  of millennials do not own a home and 20% are not interested in home ownership. This accounts for the  demand that will allow multifamily to continue performing as one of the top asset classes for years to come.

Geographic Focus

Reposition small to medium-size apartment complexes in emerging and tertiary markets to accommodate the blue-collar worker. Because rent affordability has become a growing issue, our investment strategy solves this problem by delivering a B/C class product that is clean, safe, and affordable in areas where the highest employment industries are retail, manufacturing, and other blue-collar type jobs.

our  value-driven approach

Quality – Performance – Providing value in all we do.

  • Provide a safe, clean, and affordable standard of living
  • Creating communities by carrying out proven strategies that are tenant focused.
  • Implement a professional management team with the spotlight on customer service.
  • Treat residents with the respect and care they deserve.

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