Meet Your MVP Team

Tim McAvoy and Lesley Casemero are co-founders of Everest Capital Partners LLC, a multi-family real estate investment corporation.

Sparked by Lesley’s background as a research associate in the commercial real estate industry at CoStar Group and Tim’s experience with  financial analysis and mortgage banking at JP Morgan Chase, together they have directed their focus to multifamily investments.

Buoyed by the success in their respective industries, they founded Everest Capital Partners LLC. The foundational values they share combined with their strong business acumen, make them savvy business entrepreneurs and investors within the multifamily real estate industry.

Tim McAvoy

Tim grew up in Wisconsin in a family with 4 boys. He was a competitive athlete from an early age and played Division 1 Soccer at Marquette University.  He has kept his competitive spirit alive in the business world.


Tim has over 25 years experience in the financial and Insurance industries.  His passion is to help families and investors create, grow, and protect their wealth.  As an integral part of the core team at Everest Capital Partners, his skills and experience make him a dynamic part of the team’s success.  As a syndicated commercial multifamily investor, Tim’s focus is partnering with proven sponsors, asset managers, and capital raisers to find, fund, and manage commercial properties.


Tim is excited to be working in the thriving commercial real estate industry as it continues to expand and grow nationwide. The future is bright with Everest Capital Partners and we look forward to working with our current and future investors.

Lesley Casemero

Lesley developed her passion for commercial real estate early on in her career. As a research associate at CoStar Group, she spent almost 4 years working with commercial real estate brokers and agents in several markets. The knowledge she acquired about the real estate process and the role of an agent and broker planted the seeds for where her focus is today. She quickly learned how to write sales comparable reports and through her daily research findings, became part of a special assignment team to discover proposed and under construction commercial real estate developments in her market segments. The impact of the work she was doing within this team, led to the successful implementation of a more sophisticated research associate role.

As Lesley’s career was evolving, the entrepreneurial mindset was quickly becoming a reality and was her next career progression. Lesley was the co-founder of 700 W F.I.T.N.E.S.S, a purposeful company name meaning “Focused, Intention Toward Nourishing Excellence, Suitability and Sustainability”. By managing and directing a young integrative consulting sales team, she and her co-founder empowered individuals to adapt fitness as a lifestyle through offering a combination of services- performance training, nutrition development, group training and corporate wellness seminars. Her mindset for Success and understanding the dynamics of a power team planted the seeds for how she would position herself in the next chapters of her career.

Lesley’s experience as a research associate and entrepreneur laid the foundation to segue way into the current thriving and lucrative commercial real estate market. Currently, working with her team, she is as a syndicated multi-family real estate investor. Lesley is in operation with her partner, Tim McAvoy, under Everest Capital Partners LLC and is in pursuit of achieving their business objectives to be influential, dynamic in their intentions and successful in this dynamic industry.


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